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Rumors of Donald Cerrone vs Eddie Alvarez at UFC 178 gathering momentum

MMA fans may see yet another action packed bout added to UFC 178 as rumors of a bout between Donald Cerrone and Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez are picking up steam.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 178 is already one of the most exciting fight cards in recent memory, with Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier as the main event.

There have been rumors for days that there is another fight in the works that would be a "huge announcement," with some talk even that it would be the kind of fight that would significantly move the needle in terms of pay-per-view buys.

Among the rumored fights is a lightweight bout between Donald Cerrone and Bellator champ Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez had previously been involved in a lengthy contract dispute with Bellator, but was eventually able to get things ironed out enough to return to action and avenge his loss to Michael Chandler.

With a new regime at the helm in Bellator, it seems that Alvarez may finally be able to make his escape to the UFC, with Sherdog reporting that sources close to the potential bout have confirmed the news, though the bout agreement hasn't been finalized.

Two days ago, when rumors of the fight were gathering steam, MMA Junkie's Steven Marrocco tweeted:

So, nothing appears to be 100% certain. But that Sherdog felt comfortable enough in their sources to report it is a good sign that one of the better action fights possible may be coming to fruition in the UFC cage.

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