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Rickson Gracie: Brazilian jiu-jitsu only martial art that ‘translates in real life’

Rickson Gracie, the half-brother of UFC legend Royce Gracie, discusses the importance of jiu-jitsu implementation in a real life scenario and explains why it is the only martial art that “translates in real life.”

Gracie family member Rickson Gracie, who went 11-0 in his professional MMA career including two submission wins in PRIDE, spoke to FighHubTV regarding the application of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a real life scenario.

The half-brother of UFC legend Royce Gracie believes that BJJ is the only martial art that has not been basterdized by the rule changes of professional competition and is the only combat sport remaining that "translates in real life."

"We have the full spectrum of tools. All martial arts are different. They all got deluded by the sporting aspect. Judo 200 years ago was supposed to be the same as Jiu-Jitsu. But they started to polish the rules and now judo is completely a sport by itself that doesn't translate in real life. Also taekwondo or karate - they (are) great athletes, but they lost the perspective of how to handle strikes and going to the ground. They do not have this kind of understanding of being comfortable regardless (of the situation).

"The core of jiu-jitsu is finding yourself comfortable regardless if the guy wants to punch you in the face, if he wants to head-butt you or throw you on the ground. So that's the concept."