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UFC 183 media call with Nick Diaz (Video)

UFC media call with Nick Diaz, discussing his return to the Octagon, what he did during the hiatus and upcoming bout with Anderson Silva.

The UFC held a media call for newly returned Welterweight sensation, Nick Diaz that wrapped a little over an hour ago. Diaz appeared relaxed and true to form, putting out some golden verbage for fans and media to ponder. Some notable quotes from the call are:

I've always had a great relationship with Dana, outside the press. And especially with Lorenzo.

I don't recommend anyone be a fighter. It's not something I enjoy doing. I have to do it.

I try to keep my weight around 195 pounds if I'm not in middle of race season or fight camp. I walk around 200.

It can be pretty rough trying to make 170 pounds. It's really easy for me to put on weight.

I don't need much. I can survive without fighting. I just want to do the best I can like everyone else.

It's been a really productive time off. It's been positive. I wasn't stressing about having a fight or taking a fight.

Make sure to check out the whole video for more on Nick's return to the Octagon.

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