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Urijah Faber on Duane Ludwig cornering him: 'I don't really like to be be in contact with people that rub me the wrong way'

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UFC bantamweight competitor Urijah Faber spoke with's Ariel Helwani and explained why Duane Ludwig doesn't corner him during his fights.

Urijah Faber may be content with Duane Ludwig "hanging around" the gym but he has no interest in being cornered by someone who rubs him the wrong way.

The former WEC bantamweight champion revealed that the recently resigned Team Alpha Male head coach is still at the gym working with several of the fighters there and will likely remain with the team for the next few months. It is a temporary setup until Ludwig prepares his own facility.

"He is still a part of the team," Faber said in an interview with's Ariel Helwani."He is still working out with some of the guys. I think it is going to be a couple of months before he gets his own building. Until then, he is at the gym hanging out.

"I've seen the guy for the last year and a half everyday. He never left. We interact all the time"

While Faber may not find Ludwig's presence at his gym awkward, he made it clear that he has no intention of having him corner him during fights.

"People wondered a bunch about that. It really comes down to the way I was treated by him. It had a lot to do with money and the idea of things that in my mind weren't true but he kinda conjured up in his mind. I don't really like to be be in contact with people that rub me the wrong way and that is kind of what happened."