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Video: CroCop fought at GLORY 17 with a bad elbow infection

Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic had a tough training camp for his GLORY 17 LOS ANGELES rematch with Jarrell 'Big Baby' Miller. The years of training have taken their toll. Soreness from training is a daily hell, a calf muscle tore under the strain and - worst of all - a cut on his elbow became infected and remained so for most of the camp plus the fight itself. It has required regular draining and is still being treated with antibiotics.

Some eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic had a weird-looking right elbow during his GLORY 17 LOS ANGELES fight with Jarrell Miller.

The veteran Croatian's arm joint bore a strange protrusion, as if a golf ball were being smuggled inside it.

"CroCop" has now revealed that the elbow was in fact badly infected. He had received antibiotics in the run-up to the fight and was apparently fortunate that the California State Athletic Commission doctor did not spot the problem.

"I think it was a good fight. I was full of injuries for this fight like never in my career. I remember my fight with Mark Coleman [in PRIDE FC] I had a very, very high temperature bit doctors let me go and fight because in Japan they don't care too much..

"But now I was really hurt. A few weeks [before the June 21 fight] my elbow got hurt and it got infected. I was taking antibiotics for 25 days, no work, no use of it. Then I hurt my calf one month ago.

"Such [an] unlucky period for me... maybe the body is just exhausted from hard training but I just hoped that everything would go fine and I wouldn't have to cancel the fight. I was close to cancelling the fight because my doctors suggested to me not to go [to the USA] but I decided to fight anyway.

"I was lucky the athletic commission didn't notice. The doctor was really old and didn't pay attention to my elbow. But I think if he saw it I wouldn't have got permission to fight. But everything is behind me, thank god.

"I was so happy. This is the hardest time in my sports career concerning injuries, unbelievable. It was a really serious infection and I still have to fix it. But at least the fight is behind me and that is what is most important.

"I don't want it to sound like an excuse, I don't need excuses, but I didn't know how it would go with my elbow. It went OK."

"CroCop" beat Jarrell Miller by unanimous decision in the card's headline bout.

The 39-year-old veteran is now ranked #9 in the heavyweight division and is 7-1 since returning to kickboxing, 3-1 in his last four outings. In 2013 he won the K-1 Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament staged in his native Croatia.

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