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Dana White on NSAC executive director Bob Bennett: ‘I like him, he doesn’t pretend to be an MMA expert’

UFC President Dana White discussed his opinion on the new NSAC executive director and what he likes about him so far.

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It seems the "proactive" approach that Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Robert Bennett took on early in his reign as commission head has gotten him into the good graces of the UFC's head honcho.

Dana White, who is in Las Vegas for the International Fight Week and the two live events that accompany it, took a moment on Wednesday afternoon to offer a stark contrast between the NSAC's new era and Keith Kizer's "old regime."

Keizer's era as the NSAC executive director, which began in 2006, was met with a significant amount of scrutiny from both the UFC and pundits alike, as White had long been campaigning against the way he ran the commission, with an emphasis on referee and judging troubles as well as issues with TRT exemptions.

This is clearly not the case now, as White proclaimed his fondness for the new commission head. He may not be an "MMA expert" but he is certainly willing to improve the state of affairs while on a learning curve.

"Let me tell you what - I like this guy so much," White told The MMA Fight Corner's Heidi Fang. "He doesn't pretend to be an MMA expert but boy he is digging in and learning. He is very concerned about refs and judging. The way they are running it - have you heard me say anything negative? Not at all and you won't. They are going in the right direction. It is like night and day compared to the old regime. I couldn't be happier."

During his interview for the executive director position, Bennett, who promised to improve the state of combat sports in Nevada, was quoted saying, "I see myself as someone who is proactive rather than reactive. I would have active dialogue with the five commissioners and work together with them."

Seems to be working so far for Bennett.

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