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Daniel Cormier will be 'disappointed' if Jones doesn't target his injured knee, Jon says he won't be

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Daniel Cormier says he would be 'very disappointed' if Jon Jones doesn't target his injured knee at UFC 178. The champion has responded, saying he will 'try' to give him his wish.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Late Monday night, Jon Jones had another one of those deleted tweets where he talks smack to his opponent, only to erase the message shortly after. Of course, with the internet, nothing really stays deleted anymore so here's a screen shot courtesy of SBN writer David St. Martin:


I actually wish he was addressing DC about accepting a movie role where he plays the Martian Manhunter in J'onn J'onzz, but alas, he was talking about Daniel Cormier and targeting his injured knee at UFC 178.

'DC' spoke to Ariel Helwani at the MMA Hour, and he says he fully expects Jones' favorite oblique kick to be thrown towards his damaged LCL. Here's what Jones was responding to:

"If he didn't, I'd be very disappointed. As a competitor, I'd be very disappointed in Jon Jones if he didn't. As a competitor he's had injuries too that I need to target, and I am going to."

Does this mean we also get to see Cormier go after that toe?

"If we're in the clinch and I'm not foot-stomping his toe, then I'm not giving myself the best chance to win this fight. If there is a known injury, we should try and win at all costs. I mean, I thought it was great that he wrenched on Glover Teixeira's arm when he had the opportunity because that shows you that he's vicious enough to try and win at all costs, and now he's in the cage with someone who's willing to do the same exact thing."