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UFC Tweets of the Day: 'Big' John McCarthy defends low blow call, Matt Brown denies faking it

Referee 'Big' John McCarthy addressed the two discussion points during the last UFC event, the 'fake' low blow on Brown, and Lawler's kick while his opponent was down.

Photo by Esther Lin

'Big' John McCarthy got some flak during the UFC on FOX 12 main event for calling a low blow and giving Matt Brown some time to rest, as it appeared to be a legal shot during the replay. The experienced referee defended his stance and took to twitter to speak about the somewhat controversial call:

Brown himself also has vehemently denied that he pretended to get hit below the belt.

"I've read some things saying that said I faked the nut shot. I would never do that in my f*cking life." Brown said on Facebook, "That's bullshit. Period. End of story."

Another talking point during the bout was a kick thrown by Robbie Lawler while Brown was down moments before the fight ended. This actually seems like a no-brainer since it was a blocked kick, but with some people still asking about the legality, McCarthy had to address his no-call on twitter:

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