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UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs. Brown full fight video highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC on FOX 12 main event between Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown.

The UFC's return to San Jose was an exciting one that featured an array of exciting battle that quenched the thirst of fight fans in the Bay Area.

In the main event of the evening, Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown lived up to the lofty expectations placed on them and produced an entertaining five-round battle that culminated in a unanimous decision victory for Robbie Lawler.

Read Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fifth round of action:

They both meet in the center and touch off the canons. Brown shellacks Lawler with a step-in horizontal elbow. Lawler presses forward with punches and jams Brown on the fence. They separate and Brown probes with his right hand, then lands a teep to the breadbasket. More body punches from Brown. Brown emptying the chamber now and trying to overwhelm Lawler but shakes out his hand after a combo, possibly having damaged it.

Undaunted, Brown keeps throwing leather and scores with another step-in elbow, a right body kick and bobs Lawler's head back with a nasty right hand. Lawler returns fire but doesn't seem to land clean. Brown whiffs with a spinning back fist and Lawler pops him with a short left. Left body kick from Lawler with 30 seconds left. Brown heaves a combo and dives for a takedown, and he's greeted with a soccer kick from Lawler when he re-rights himself. 10-9 Brown. I have it 49-46 for Lawler.