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Kyle Kingsbury announces retirement: Recalling his legacy as the guy who ejaculated on sushi on The Ultimate Fighter

Kyle Kingsbury once dragged reality TV to the lowest depths in its shameful history, and tonight he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

Photo: Esther Lin / MMA Fighting

Following his one sided loss to Pat Cummins at UFC on Fox: Lawler vs Brown, Kyle Kingsbury has announced that he is hanging up the gloves for good.

Kingsbury hadn't won since June 4, 2011 and had been out of action since September 2012. Given the inactivity, four fight losing streak and one sided nature of his loss--one judge even scoring the fight 30-24--it wasn't a shock to see Kingsbury step away.

For some, Kingsbury will be remembered as a fairly entertaining fighter who picked up a pair of Fight of the Night awards, including a win over Fabio Maldonado.

For others, he'll be remembered as one of the architects of the low point in not only The Ultimate Fighter, but possibly all reality TV.

Kingsbury and crew had been stealing Tom Lawlor's fruit bowl every day durin The Ultimate Fighter: Team Mir vs Team Nogueira, eating the fruit in front of the camera crew. This led to Lawlor and others from the team urinating on the fruit, leading to Kingsbury and others eating urine soaked fruit.

The sushi ordered by Phillipe Nover (a member of Kingsbury's team) also kept coming up missing. As revenge, Kingsbury took the sushi into the bathroom, ejaculated on it and returned it to its normal place. This led to Dave Kaplan eating the tainted sushi, also on camera.

It led to Luke Thomas to write an article titled "Why any mature or reasonable person doesn't enjoy 'The Ultimate Fighter 8'" right here at Bloody Elbow:

Last night was an absolute low point in civility, class and the presentation of these athletes. It's also a direct contradiction of what's being presented on I realize Spike TV has to get edgy in order to get ratings, but this is beyond the pale. They trap bored young men in a house, fuel them with alcohol to their hearts' content, encourage them to find ways around their boredom but do not mind when these fighters act in such a way as to cause revulsion to anyone with any sense of decency.

This is Kyle Kingsbury's legacy in the MMA world.

If you're interested in hearing more about the situation, here's a video of him explaining everything: