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Josh Thomson not looking at retirement just yet: ‘I’ve got another good fight in me after this one’

UFC lightweight competitor Josh Thomson discusses his upcoming co-main event against Bobby Green, and whether he will consider retiring following this bout on Saturday night.

At one point, Josh Thomson was quite close to announcing his retirement from the sport of MMA. Now he believes he has at least another solid fight left in him before he decides to hang up the gloves for good.

"I think I've got another good fight in me after this one," Thomson told's Ariel Helwani. "There have been a lot of things going up and down in this camp but I mean it is going to happen every camp. I think for me I just have to focus on being in shape. I feel like if I'm in shape, no one can beat me."

Thomson divulged that he had questioned himself mentally during his last fight against Ben Henderson, which made him subsequently contemplate whether he still wanted to compete in MMA. Since he had never previously given up on himself midway through a contest, Thomson was left with an uncertainty about his future in the sport.

"I felt in my last fight - thumb was hurt, ankle was hurt - that I lost everything. Like it was ‘woe is me.' I wasn't telling myself, ‘you know you are better than this'. That made me wonder whether I was still in it or not."

Thomson is scheduled to meet Bobby Green in one of the feature fights on the UFC on FOX 12 card. While the former title challenger is aware that Green took the fight on short notice, he believes he is in a similar situation since he is far from 100 percent and had little time to train for the switch in opponents.

"I feel like I didn't have enough time to train. My hand is still not 100 percent but like I said, I wanted to be on this card. I wanted to fight in San Jose. All those things talked about, he got (this fight) on short notice, I got short notice. You're changing opponents. He is nothing like Michael Johnson. Bobby has got a unique style about him that posses threats to anyone."