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The Lost Chuck Liddell Interviews, Part 5 - WMMA, Pro-wrestling & open-weight divisions

In this final part of the lost interviews, Chuck Liddell gives his thoughts on Women's MMA, if he has interest in being a pro-wrestler, and how he would fare against the old school UFC fighters and open-weight divisions!

Back in March, 2011, I went to the UFC 128 weigh-ins in Newark, New Jersey. Before those got started, a special UFC Fight Club event was happening (for Fight Club members only), which was a question and answer session with Chuck Liddell. "The Iceman" had just recently retired only a few months earlier, and this was probably the first time he did an event like this since hanging up the gloves. My camcorder died not long after this, and it took me three years to finally figure out how to recover the files. Lucky for you, I did, and here is the final part in this long video series.

In this fifth and final part, now with Taboo from "The Blackeyed Peas" sharing the stage with the Iceman, Chuck answers questions about pro-wrestling in TNA and knocking people out over there (since Spike TV and Zuffa were still best friends for a little bit longer), what would happen if the UFC kept everything as an open-weight class show instead of adding divisions, his thoughts on women's MMA, transitioning from fighting to the corporate world, and who he would want to fight from the old school UFC days (surprisingly, he wanted no part of Royce Gracie).

Taboo also talks about watching UFC (and is a fan of the old school UFC and namedrops Jim Brown) and is trying to get Fergie into the sport. Plus, a fan asks to be punched by Chuck, and another asks Chuck to talk smack about a friend. MMA fans, don't stop being you.

If you are having trouble using the Ooyala player, then head over to Youtube to watch the video over there!