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The Lost Chuck Liddell Interviews, Part 4 - Fighting teammates and "Dancing with the Stars"

In this lost interview from 2011, Liddell talks fighting teammates, his trilogy with Randy Couture, and ballroom dancing on a TV reality series!

Back in March, 2011, I went to the UFC 128 weigh-ins in Newark, New Jersey. Before those got started, a special UFC Fight Club event was happening (for Fight Club members only), which was a question and answer session with Chuck Liddell. "The Iceman" had just recently retired only a few months earlier, and this was probably the first time he did an event like this since hanging up the gloves. Unfortunately, the videos of this never made it onto my site because my camcorder died. Years later, I was finally able to recover the files off of the internal hard drive, and today, you get to see this exclusive event that has most likely never been seen on the interwebs before.

In this fourth part, Chuck talks about fighting Randy Couture, what kind of fights Chuck likes to watch, holding a UFC Fan Expo in New York, fighting teammates, and a very special guest joins the stage - Taboo of "The Blackeyed Peas", who gets the most lukewarm welcome ever. The reason for this being was that most of us in the house were expecting another fighter (some even speculated Fedor), as a special guest was advertised before hand, but no one expected a musician to come out and chat to the fans.

Taboo talks to Chuck about football and seeing the Superbowl for the first time (and his infamous green mohawk), and his time on "Dancing with the Stars", which was Taboo's way to put over dancing and how hard it is for the Jersey audience that could care less about Taboo being there.

If you are having trouble viewing the Ooyala player, head to this link over here to watch the video on Youtube.

Stay tuned for the epic finale to this series coming soon!