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The Lost Chuck Liddell Interviews, Part 1 - Life after retirement

Months after his retirement in 2011, Chuck Liddell talks with fans about what is next for his career after hanging up the gloves and made predictions about fights - did they come true?

Back in March, 2011, I went to the UFC 128 weigh-ins in Newark, New Jersey to film them for my site. Before that got started, a special UFC Fight Club event was happening (for Fight Club members only), which was a question and answer session with Chuck Liddell. "The Iceman" had just recently retired only a few months earlier, and this was probably the first time he did an event like this since then.

Unfortunately, back when I filmed it, my old camera was starting to die, so this footage never made it online. Recently, I was able to recover it and get it to work, so I am now uploading this for you in five chunks.

In this first part, Mike Goldberg introduces the Q & A event and Chuck Liddell, who chats a bit about life after fighting (Chuck mentions already misses fighting) and the good ole' days of UFC. After that, we get into the questions from the fans, including how Chuck decides to fight specific opponents (ie. Tito Ortiz), his breakdown of Shogun VS Jon Jones (the main event of UFC 128 that would take place a day later) and how the champ Shogun was the underdog, and if Chuck will ever step back into the octagon again. We also tease a special guest... who does not show up for a few more parts.

If you are having trouble with the Ooyala player, head to this link to see the Youtube version.

Stay tuned for the other parts!