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Ian McCall to undergo surgery on injured hand following decision victory over Brad Pickett

UFC Flyweight Ian “Unclecreepy” McCall spoke to’s Ariel Helwani following his decision win against Brad Pickett and revealed that he would undergo surgery to fix his injured right hand.

For the first time since joining the UFC ranks, Ian McCall has managed to string together back-to-back wins inside the octagon.

While the win was an impressive one against durable Brit Brad Pickett, it was bittersweet for McCall, who revealed following the contest that he had once again injured his right hand.

"I broke it a year ago in Brazil and I banged it up during this camp," McCall told Helwani in a post-fight interview. "It has been banged up for a year and never really healed. I don't want to take away from anything. I still hit him as hard as I could."

Now that it appears that the issue has risen again, McCall believes he will probably need to have another surgical operation to rectify the problem.

"I've already talked to the guys in the UFC. I am going to get surgery when I'm back. My hand doesn't close properly. I have a little brusitus on my knuckle. I guess I'm going to have surgery. I'm not sure about my hand too much."

Although this will mean another trip to the sidelines, McCall was optimistic about the length of him he'd have to sit out and heal.

"It shouldn't be long. My hand will heal up quick. I do take care of it because I do physical therapy on some part of my body everyday."