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UFC 175: Care/Don't Care Preview

Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson look ahead to UFC 175 and the return of Ronda Rousey in the infamous & patented Care/Don't Care Preview.

Head's up, Kid Nate and Eugene go all over the damn place and talk about just about everything except the fights on the UFC 175 card. We play a fun new game where we estimate how much we'd pay for each of the 5 fights on the main card PPV if it was served ala carte.

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And just because someone bothered to transcribe this from my rant about Chael Sonnen earlier in the week, here's a quote about MMA fans:

This guy (Sonnen) realizes (he can get away with lies) in today's media environment with a dramatically uneducated, post-literate community of people-especially mma-where most of the fans are young and don't have any life experience. They don't follow politics, definitely don't read any history-barely read anything.

They have no context, will believe any passable line of bullshit that they hear. They have no idea what a standard of evidence is. Don't understand the concept of scientific proof. Don't understand the concept of legal proof. Don't understand the concept of logical proof. Couldn't tell you the difference between those three things. They go by based on emotion, so someone like Chael Sonnen who's handsome & well spoken can come across as very credible.