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UFC 175 scrum: Ronda Rousey dismisses question about sex before fight, asks for 'someone who isn't an a**hole'

Ronda Rousey dismisses a moronic question from a "media member" about having sex before her UFC 175 bout during the pre-fight media scrum.

The pre-fight scrum for UFC 175 with Ronda Rousey got off to a bit of a salty start with a reporter asking the UFC women's bantamweight champion about a recent interview where she discussed the old myth of not having sex before a fight. Rousey told Conan O'Brien, "It's the opposite for women. If you have sex, it raises your testosterone. So, it kind of sucks I don't have a boyfriend right now, but I'm sure my Twitter is blowing up with offers at the moment. It's almost like we're taking it out of them or something. I don't know the exact science behind it, but maybe it was a pickup line or something I heard before."

The 'reporter' asked, "I watched you on Conan a while back. It was a great interview. You said that you like to have wild sex before a fight because it makes your testosterone levels normal. Are you on schedule to have your testosterone raised to an appropriate level?"

Rousey was quick to dismiss the nonsense, asking for a question from "someone who isn't an asshole."

You can catch that and the rest of Rousey's talk with the media in the above video of the scrum.

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