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Arab MMA reality show 'Al Batal' announces revamped format and production for second season

Arab MMA reality show 'Al Batal' has announced the second season of the show, which will air on FOX Movies.

Al Batal

Arab MMA reality show ‘Al Batal' officially announced on Monday afternoon that the second season of the show would feature a complete revamp of the series' production. This will include changes in the coaches and the overall format of the show.

Al Batal (The Champion) is a reality show that provides fighters of Arabic origin with an opportunity to reach a larger audience and get one step closer to achieving their dreams. Not unlike The Ultimate Fighter, Al Batal features fighters split into two teams and taken through an intensive training program.

For show's second season, Al Batal has recruited 12 passionate semi-pro fighters, 2 top MMA coaching teams in the region, 1 professional athletic conditioning team and implemented an "extensive training and nutrition program."

The ‘Black' team will be led by Ray Elbe, who is an American MMA veteran with a 25-11 record. He currently teaches at the Kuwait Combat Athletics nad is widley considered to be one of the top coaches in the region. He will be assited by Ole Laursen and Saphaprom Sohpaprom.

The ‘Yellow' team will be headed by French-Algerian Mehdi Baghdad, who fights out of Team Quest in California. He holds a 9-3 professional record and had trained with the likes of Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Tarec Saffiedine. Mehdi will be assisted by coaches Jorge Lopez and Cedric Escudero.

The show is scheduled to begin in the fall.