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Conor McGregor calls his win over Diego Brandao a 'dream'

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor spoke with’s Ariel Helwani following his TKO victory over Diego Brandao in the main event of UFC: Dublin, and discussed a variety of topics including his emotions following the win, fighting in his hometown and much more.

Even though the UFC's return to Dublin was already a success due to the array of stoppages and entertaining bouts that had taken place earlier in the night, it was Conor McGregor's first round stoppage victory over Diego Brandao in the main event that sent the crowd home happy.

Fight fans watching at home could sense the enormity of the event from their television screens, as the Irish crowd made themselves heard in ways that would make even the famed Brazilian crowds jealous. Their show of support did not go unrewarded, as the Irish fighters remained undefeated throughout the night.

McGregor, who has been to his fair share of MMA events in Ireland, admitted that he had never experienced anything like what he heard in the O2 Arena on Saturday. Clearly overwhelmed with the situation, McGregor suggested that the win was the "greatest moment" of his life.

"The Irish fans, we make ourselves heard," McGregor told Helwani following the fight. "We don't hold back, as you can tell by that arena. I've been to a good few events now. I've competed on some and I've never experienced that in my life.

"We are the Irish. We love to fight."