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Dana White: Gina Carano should be signed by next week, could fight Ronda Rousey in December

Dana White seems confident that Gina Carano will sign a UFC contract next week and will face Ronda Rousey in an immediate title shot, possibly as soon as December.

Esther Lin

Gina Carano potentially signing a UFC deal has been one of the most oft reported stories of 2014. UFC president Dana White has said that they are in negotiations with Carano's team, the negotiations fall apart, Carano goes on late night talk shows and discusses the potential of a deal, nothing happens and so on.

But, unlike the similar tale of "Brock Lesnar's possible return" it appears that Carano to the UFC may actually happen.

Dana White spoke to the media today during the traditional "media scrum" in Dublin, Ireland and says that he expects a deal to be done by next week.

White has a meeting with Carano's lawyer on Monday, saying, "I can’t wait to meet this guy face to face."

He stressed that Carano will get a title shot in her first fight, and that it would likely happen in December.

White defended the idea of a Carano title shot on two fronts. First, stating that it's the fight champion Ronda Rousey wants, "Ronda’s been very good to us, and if that’s the fight she wants, then I’m going to try to get it done." He then added that Carano did well in her last fight, a TKO loss to Cris Justino almost five years ago. White also added that "Cyborg" was "a little jacked up on Moutain Dew in that fight."

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that Carano is now 32, hasn't won a fight since October of 2008, has never made 135 pounds for a fight (Correction: Gina made 135 for her debut, and not since) and has been making movies for several years.

But, the fight will do big business and the UFC seems fairly determined to make it happen.

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