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Mark Bocek on training with a female Olympic medalist in wrestling: 'It feels like wrestling with a 12 year old'

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Mark Bocek seems to think that training with female fighters is a waste of time.

Kevin C. Cox

Mark Bocek has an 8-5 record in the UFC and is considered a fairly tough out at lightweight.

But he made more waves with recent commnts on The Underground than he has with any other activity outside of the cage.

When a video was posted of Ronda Rousey working takedowns with Gegard Mousasi in 2011, fans began to disect the video, which showed Mousasi seemingly having his way with Rousey. While reality would suggest that Rousey, new to MMA training, though an accomplished judo player, having trouble with a male fighter who was competing at light heavyweight at the time would be nothing more than expected, many fans decided to turn the video into a discussion on hypothetical male vs female fights.

It was at this point that Bocek chimed in, first stating, "What a waste of time for Gegard, must be a nice guy."

He would then continue to try to explain his point. "Maybe you guys are not getting this, let me explain," Bocek said. "When I wrestle with a female Olympic silver medalist in wrestling, it feels like wrestling with a 12 year old... You think a woman will beat a man in a fight? Lmao!!!"

Bocek would go on to make it clear that the silver medalist in question was not Sara McMann.

I can't speak to the accuracy of his statements. I assume that grappling with an Olympic medalist would go in indescribably poor directions for me, but there's certainly a lack of tact on display by Bocek. And the message certainly isn't a welcoming one for any women that currently train with Bocek or may in the future.