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Conor McGregor believes Diego Brandao was ‘already cut without being told he was cut’

UFC Fight Night: Dublin headliner Conor McGregor discusses his upcoming hometown main event against Diego Brandao, his “scared” opponents, and when he believes he will become featherweight champion.

Conor McGregor may consider Diego Brandao a more worthy challenger than the previous headliner Cole Miller, but that does not mean he considers the Brazilian worthy of fighting inside a UFC octagon.

McGregor, who headlines the UFC's long-awaited return to Dublin, Ireland on Saturday afternoon against Brandao, believes the TUF veteran holds a better resume that his previous challengers but that does not make him anymore of a difficult task for the Irishman.

"It is perfect," McGregor told Ariel Helwani in a pre-fight interview. "Diego has a better career than Cole [Miller]. He won the Ultimate Fighter. He has wins over opponents that have beaten Cole. I always seek out a variety in my training partners. So whatever the body type I'm prepared. We've had words in the past. We've fought on the same show twice."

McGregor also revealed that he believes Brandao was only kept as a part of the UFC roster as a plan B in case his fight with Miller fell through.

"I believe he shouldn't even be here. I believe he was already cut without being told he was cut. I believe he was just left in limbo in case something happened. Something happened, but it wasn't a good thing that happened."

Overall, McGregor is supremely confident in his abilities come Saturday night, and plans to rise to the occasion and prove that he is worthy of the hype and recognition that he has garnered over the past year.

"I'm a more refined athlete in body and mind. Saturday night, I'm going to prove it."