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Joe Schilling on Moscow, Levin and Lyoto Machida

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Middleweight kickboxing contender Joe Schilling lost to Artem Levin in the final of the eight-man Middleweight Championship Tournament at GLORY: LAST MAN STANDING. The belt went home with Levin to Russia, who has invited Schilling to Moscow for a rubber-match (they are 1-1 against each other). Schilling has instead suggested the fight take place in Hawaii. He also addressed Lyoto Machida's comments about wanting to fight Levin.

Joe Schilling throws a hard right hand
Joe Schilling throws a hard right hand
Glory World Series by James Law

Having gone home to Russia with the GLORY World Middleweight Championship, Artem ‘The Lion' Levin has invited his US rival Joe Schilling to try and take the belt from him in Moscow, the nation's capital.

Levin took the belt by beating Schilling in the final of the recent GLORY: LAST MAN STANDING eight-man middleweight tournament, making them 1-1 against each other (Schilling beat Levin in the final of the GLORY 10 middleweight tournament last year).

In post-fight comments, Levin invited Schilling to have a rubber match in Moscow, where the winner would both win the GLORY Middleweight Championship and also be the winner of their tri-fight series.

Schilling has given Levin his answer, scoffing at the notion of receiving a fair deal from judges in Mother Russia.

"For one fighter to convince a promotion to move their million-dollar show all the way to Russia... is just kind of silly, so I don't want everyone getting too excited about this [offer]," he says.

"Also in the interview he said that he doesn't want to fight me again because he ‘already beat me twice', which is nonsense. He obviously wants to fight other people

"And the reason he wants it in Moscow is, we all know, if I fought him in Moscow I would have to knock him out to win the fight. That's just a fact. So I am not super-thrilled about his invite.

"I like Artem, I have a lot of respect for him but I am not really interested in going to Russia. Why don't we have the rubber-match in Hawaii? It's very neutral, great weather. I don't know if Artem has ever been to Hawaii. Let's go there."

Levin's winning of the eight-man tournament was witnessed in person by Lyoto Machida, the former UFC light-heavyweight champion turned middleweight contender.

He told Bloody Elbow that he would "love" to fight Levin under kickboxing rules.

"I'd love to fight that guy... If I could do a one-fight deal to fight with him I would definitely do it. I like his style," he said.

Schilling, who has sparred with Machida at the Black House facility in Los Angeles, doesn't see much chance of the UFC allowing it's fighters to take one-off fights in GLORY, but in the above video does say he would be "happy to face any UFC fighter" if that ever became possible.