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UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs Miller (main card) live results, play by play and discussion

Follow all the live action from the main card for tonight's UFC show from Atlantic City right here on Bloody Elbow.

UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs Miller goes down tonight from Atlantic City, New Jersey. The rock-solid card is topped off by volatile lightweight Donald Cerrone tangling with the durable and diverse Jim Miller while fellow 155'ers Edson Barboza and Evan Dunham fill the co-main role.

Rounding out the featured card, which airs on Fox Sports 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET, is welterweight wrestle-boxer Rick Story taking on Leonardo Mafra, lightweights Joe Proctor vs. Justin Salas and flyweights John Lineker and Alptekin Ozkilic while featherweight bangers Lucas Martins and Alex White will kick-start the main card.

Live results and detailed play by play for the Fox Sports 1 main card will be handled here. The main-card lineup follows below.

UFC Fight Night 45 Main Card

Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller

R1: Cerrone backs Miller up with a straight combo and then wallops a hands-free, step-in knee to the body. Hard inside low kick from Miller followed with a slicing one-two up high. Cerrone times another no-hands knee to the sternum as a counter to Miller's left hand. Miller catches Cerrone's left roundhouse kick and takes him down but Cerrone is back up immediately. Miller tries the counter knee downstairs but Cerrone's punches are longer and find his chin first. Counter elbow from Miller just misses.

They land mutual shots and then Miller gets the better of the next exchange. Another thudding counter-knee lands for Cerrone. Miller deflects a Cerrone high kick. Right hand plunges through for Cerrone but Miller continues forward and ties Cerrone up in the clinch, hitting an outside trip. Cerrone whizzers for leverage and pops right back up. Miller pings Cerrone amidst a combination with a counter right. Cerrone clinches and gets the body lock but Miller fends off his hips and the throw attempt. Miller lands a short shot that stuns Cerrone. Arguments for both sides exist for that round ... 10-10.

R2: Miller side-steps Cerrone's knee and lands a right hook. Low kick from Miller. Cerrone throws what looks to be a clean kick but referee Dan Miragliotta steps in during Cerrone's follow-up knee, assessing the blow as landing below the belt. They restart quickly after the questionable intervention and go back at it.

Miller digs to the body with a right. Cerrone throws another front kick to the body and it causes Miller to back off and wince visibly again. Cerrone attacks with punches but Miller circles out to buy recovery time. Inside low kick from Miller. Another front snap kick to the sternum. Streaking left hand lands over the top for Miller. Inside low kick for Miller. Cerrone unleashes the fire of a thousand hells in the form of a quick-release high kick that puts Miller down and out.

  • Donald Cerrone defeats Jim Miller by KO (head kick) at 3:31 of Round 2

Edson Barboza vs. Evan Dunham

R1: Dunham stretches out for an overhand left that grazes but Barboza slips in a quick left counter. Another right/left opener from Dunham is countered by Barboza's laser-guided left hand. Nothing doin' on the one-two from Dunham. Retreating left hook scores for Barboza. Dunham ducks under a nasty right hand from Barboza. Barboza just grazes Dunham's sternum with his toes on a wicked roundhouse kick but Dunham winces and crumples from the body blow.

  • Edson Barboza defeats Evan Dunham by KO (body kick) at 3:06 of Round 1

Leonardo Mafra vs. Rick Story

R1: Story gets off first but Mafra uncorks a whirlwind of punches and a kick that stun Story, who counters with a blast double leg. Mafra angles for an armbar in full guard but Story changes his mind with a few short forearms to the face. Story postures up and rains down left punches and elbows. Mafra manages an escape but Story stays glued to him and takes him right back down, passing to half guard.

Story looking for a mount pass in half guard and gets it momentarily; Mafra regains full guard but eats an elbow for his efforts. Mafra almost hits a deep half guard sweep but it's shut down by Story's overhook. Story looking for a D'arce choke but bails on it. Rugged no-look elbow from Story with his head buried in Mafra's chest. Mafra boots Story off with both feet and creates enough space to escape but takes a hard knee on his way out. Story puts him back down. 10-8 Story for offensive domination and a glaring lack of offense from Mafra.

R2: Story streaks a left hand high and follows behind it with a level change -- Mafra surprisingly explodes out of the first attempt but succumbs to the second. Back in half guard for Story. Story looks to isolate an arm and uses it to distract Mafra and pass to full mount. Story traps an arm and laces up the arm triangle, eliciting the tap shortly after.

  • Rick Story defeats Leonardo Mafra by submission (arm triangle) at 2:12 of Round 2

Joe Proctor vs. Justin Salas

R1: Salas comes out wheeling big left low kicks. He charges with a tight one-two but Proctor side steps it calmly. Nice counter left for Proctor but Salas responds with a left hand that bloodies Proctor's nose. Proctor swats Salas with another counter left after a semi-wild right looper. Another classic left-hook counter lands square for Proctor.

Proctor's head kick is blocked. Salas sets up the looping right with a left hand this time and it scores. Inside low kick from Proctor. Uppercut/hook combo from Proctor but he gets tagged by a counter right from Salas. Monstrous swelling on the right ear of Proctor from Salas' counters. Close round. 10-9 Salas.

R2: A right hook and knee from the clinch land early for Salas. Lead left to the body and overhand right for Salas. Retreating left hook counter grazes for Proctor. Salas times a level change and gets the takedown momentarily but Proctor is right back up. Salas chips away with knees from the over-under clinch and they separate. Boring left hand lands for Salas.

Nice feinting to set up the overhand right from Salas. Salas' inside low kick is answered with a body kick and then a thudding flurry from Proctor that puts Salas down. Salas recovers and defensively clinches with Proctor for some breathing room, but he doesn't get it as Proctor shakes loose and unbolts another clipping left hook that folds Salas.

  • Joe Proctor defeats Justin Salas by TKO (punches) at 3:27 of Round 2

John Lineker vs. Alptekin Ozkilic

R1: Lineker is the first to score clean with a right/left upstairs and then an even cleaner two-piece to the body shortly after. Ozkilic times a duck-under takedown on Lineker's next flurry and falls into a half back ride when Lineker defends. Lineker rolls onto his back and secures half guard with his head on the fence corner, and uses it to stand back up and reset.

Inside low kick from Ozkilic in southpaw. Two lead uppercuts from Lineker with the first landing. Ozkilic bores a quick right through as Lineker continues to stalk behind a steady stream of leather. Lineker fakes strikes to set up a takedown attempt but it's not there, and Ozkilic catches him with another right. Lineker answers with a tight flurry before clinching and lifting Ozkilic off the ground with a high crotch. Ozkilic snaps right back up. 10-9 Ozkilic.

R2: Lineker clips Ozkilic with a left and finds the mark with a big uppercut. Lineker again shoots for a takedown but Ozkilic stuffs it and jogs out of range. Lead left hook thuds home for Lineker. Front kick and mini-Superman punch for Lineker, then a nasty shot to the breadbasket.

Another uppercut for Lineker, who's keying on the way Ozkilic dips his head down at boxing range. Ozkilic reels off a nice straight/hook counter. Then another, and yet another, though he starts with a body shot in the last combo. Hook and uppercut for Lineker, then a takedown attempt that Ozkilic fends off. 10-9 Lineker by a narrow margin.

R3: Two-piece combos with a leg-kick closer are flung viciously from Lineker, who only stops to raise his arms and incite the crowd. Lineker goes balls out and empties the chamber, throwing dizzying flurries both upstairs and down. Ozkilic holds his ground and fires back but Lineker gets the better of it. Right hook down and left hook up lands for Lineker, and he throws and lands it again.

Lineker continues to tee off on Ozkilic, who's reduced to covering up and backpedaling. Counter fire from Ozkilic and a takedown attempt, but half-hearted. Now Ozkilic dings Lineker with back to back counters but Lineker smiles, cheers him on and blasts away with more heaters. He finds the chin of Ozkilic and pounces for the clean-up strikes.

  • John Lineker defeats Alptekin Ozkilic by TKO (punches) at 4:51 of Round 3

Lucas Martins vs. Alex White

R1: White starts off with boxing combos and lateral movement, and he's the first to score with a snapping right. Then another, but Martins laces him with a one-two and then follows with a hard left. They both land in sequence but Martins stays on the trigger and bombs White with another flurry. Crescent kick attempt from White, which is an interesting surprise. Martins keeps quick bursts of leather in White's face on each entry.

Left hand and kick land downstairs for White but Martins clocks him with a horizontal elbow. White's hands are too loose and Martins tags him with another salvo on the way in. Sharp right kick to the ribs lands for Martins, then he bobs White's head around with a right/left combo. Hopping side kick to the body from White. Vicious left to the liver from Martins, who closes with an uppercut. 10-9 Martins.

R2: Both joust and parry with strikes but it's Martins low kick that stands as the best shot in the first minute. Martins walking White into a corner and waiting on him to throw in order to land counters. White using erratic movement and a mixture of punch and kick combinations but Martins just holds his ground and chambers off fast salvos.

White doubles up on his right hand and scores with the second. White lands a spinning back fist clean and Martins has to post an arm to avoid toppling over. Martins initiates a clinch to stifle White's boxing but White pushes him off. Now it's White slipping in the faster and straighter counters as the output and ferocity of Martins dwindles. 10-9 White.

R3: White looks to sustain his momentum with pressuring punches but Martins clips him during a mistimed jump knee attempt. Inside low kick from Martins. White swipes with a wide left and keeps his hands down, setting the stage for a clubbing two-punch counter from Martins that first wobbles and then crumples White.

  • Lucas Martins defeats Alex White by KO (punches) at 2:08 of Round 3

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