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Chad Mendes: Jose Aldo is 'definitely' using performance enhancing drugs

The #1 Featherweight contender is not exactly a fan of the champ.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Following the cancellation of UFC 176 which was to feature a Featherweight title rematch between champ Jose Aldo and top contender Chad Mendes, the two FW's have been throwing the ugly talk back and forth non-stop. This week Mendes went on Sherdog Radio and somehow managed to dramatically escalate the rhetoric.

"I definitely do [think Aldo's using PEDs]," said Mendes. "This is something that's been ongoing, but for him to all of a sudden just drop out -- I mean he drops out of a lot of fights -- but I think it's pretty coincidental."

Aldo handed Mendes the first and only loss of his career at UFC 142 in January 2012, starching the challenger with a standing knee KO in the first round. With Aldo not exactly known for bringing personal attacks into his pre-fight promotion, Mendes seems to have stuck a cord with the champ. Calling Mendes 'a pu**y' on Jul. 11, Aldo facetiously wondered if 'Maybe I have so many injuries because I'm not taking the same ‘supplements' you take.'

"The first time I saw that, for me, this is huge in my mind," said Mendes of Aldo's comments. "He's reaching big time. We have never seen Aldo lash out like this; we've never seen him lose his temper. I am in his head. I own him right now.

"This is huge for me. This is huge for me getting in there and taking that belt from him. I've never seen him talk like this about anybody. He's being very disrespectful," Mendes continued. "I've never been caught red-handed or anything. It's funny to me that as soon as the whole random drug testing started popping up, the next day he is injured and out of the fight. If anything, I could throw that in his face, but whatever."

Transcription via MMA Fighting.

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