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Video: Conor McGregor on UFC Dublin: 'Next year, we'll do a football stadium... for my title defense'

The first episode of UFC: On the Fly has been released and it focuses on Conor McGregor as he prepares for the headlining bout of UFC: Dublin.

Much hyped prospect, Conor McGregor makes his long awaited return in front of his home town fans in Ireland, and the Zuffa has released the first installment of a new web-series to promote the contest. The episode centers on the Irish fighter as he speaks about his upcoming bout and walks the streets of Dublin.

Never one to be shy about his words, McGregor also made another bold prediction after stepping into the O2 Arena.

"The last time I was here was probably in 2009, at UFC 93. I was sitting somewhere up there. To think that I'm back here, and now it's my show," Conor said, "I'm going to blow the roof off this place, and the whole country is going to shut down. Next year, we'll do a football stadium... for my title defense."

Watch the entire episode above of the series called 'UFC on the Fly', which coincidentally also had McGregor trying to catch a fly 'Bruce Lee-style'.