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Tweets of the Day: Renzo Gracie: 'The world is in great hands'

Read a heart warming story told by MMA legend in Renzo Gracie in a series of tweets as he was at the airport.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

The randomness of social media is fascinating. When I usually write these 'Tweet of the Day' posts from various members of the MMA community, usually it's either about hilarious moments, online arguments, or fighters calling each other out.

Renzo Gracie has been featured here in the past, most notably when he was live tweeting as he handled two muggers in New York. This edition is a bit different, as the MMA legend decided to share a heart warming story as he was about to board his plane in New Jersey.

Check out the series of tweets below:

As for replies to his tweets, UFC heavyweight Stipe Miocic was one of many who responded to Gracie:

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