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John Lineker promises to make the flyweight limit 'with no problem'

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Lineker is sure that he will be able to be at the 125-pound mark of the flyweight division before his fight this Wednesday and hopes to be near the title contention again.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Before stepping on the octagon to face Alptekin Ozkilic this Wednesday night, at UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Miller, John Lineker has to win the battle against his weight, which is never easy to him. The Flyweight contender missed the 126 lbs limit for non-title bouts in three of his six fights in the UFC but now promised in an interview to that he will reach the right mark on Tuesday.

"I'm fine with my weight now, I'm only 0,8 pound above of the divisional limit. Fortunately, we did a very good job with a lot of professionals: physician, nutritionist and physiologist. I'm sure that I'll be in the right weight with no problem. This first win is already mine."

Lineker competed for the last time at UFC 169, on February, losing to Ali Bagautinov a title eliminator fight, and the goal of the 24-year old Brazilian is to be near of the title contention again.

"My camp was a little different for this time. My coaches focused a lot in wrestling and jiu-jitsu but it doesn't mean that I'm not ready to strike and go for the KO, which is my speciality. We studied a lot my opponent, I'm ready for any situation in the fight. I hope that I can be close to the belt again if I win."

Lineker's problems with weight started in his debut in the UFC, when he dropped from bantamweight to compete at flyweight and weighed in at 127 lbs, which cost him 25 percent of his purse . Then, he missed the 126-pounds limit for non-title bouts two other times and was able just reach the mark in three opportunities, but he never achieved the mandatory 125-pound of a title fight.