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Video: Learn Dana White's full name, and the first street fight he ever organized

Dana White appeared on 'Cabbie Presents', and the UFC president shared a few details that he hasn't said anywhere else... like his middle name, or the first street fight he ever organized.

Dana White had an appearance with Cabral Richards on 'Cabbie Presents', and the UFC President had shared a few details which he hasn't exactly shared in past interviews. He's even introduced using his full name 'Dana Frederick White Jr.' which isn't really known to most MMA fans.

Among the things discussed are the new UFC video game, Bruce Lee, potential candidates for celebrities and personas for future iterations, and the possibility of having a playable 'Dana White' character.

"If I was an unlockable character in the game, I would get my ass whooped by everyone in the game," White joked, "My skill set would be losing."

The UFC president would also go on to share an interesting story about his organizing a 'school vs. school' street fight during his younger days, which ended up badly. Dana would also lose a bet on the show and had to do push ups on air, so watch the entire segment above.