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Tweets of the Day: Jacob Volkmann slams WSOF, gets released

Jacob Volkmann slams WSOF on twitter, then gets released by the promotion shortly after.


After two fights with the promotion followed by a lengthy layoff, Jacob Volkmann isn't happy with the way WSOF handled his contract. He instead had to take fights outside WSOF where he went 1-1, including a loss to TJ O'Brien last May.

Like most fighters these days, he took to twitter to rant about his situation. Read the lengthy string of tweets below:

WSOF EVP Ali Abdelalziz responded to Volkmann in an interview with MMA Junkie:

"This entire situation is ridiculous," Abdelaziz said. "We went out of out way to give Jacob Volkmann money without even fighting. And now he’s attacking us on Twitter? If he needs a release letter, call me and ask for a release letter. I let him take those other two fights, no problem, and after he lost to T.J. O’Brien, I told him we didn’t need him anymore."

"Jacob Volkmann started all of this propaganda because he wants to go to Bellator. He can go to Bellator."

Volkmann is 17-6 in his MMA career with career wins over Efrain Escudero, Danny Castillo, Antonio McKee and Shane Roller. He has gone 2-2 since his UFC release last year.

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