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Tom Wright believes Jones-Gustafsson title fight move to Las Vegas was a ‘realistic’ decision

UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright explained the promotion’s decision to move the Jon Jones-Alexander Gustafsson light-heavyweight title fight from Toronto to Las Vegas and calls the switch a ‘realistic’ one.

Fiona Goodall

UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright believes the promotion's decision to move UFC 178 from Toronto to Las Vegas was a "realistic" one.

Home to some of the biggest fight in the history of combat sports, Las Vegas was a prime location to host the highly anticipated rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, and that seems like reason enough to move the event, says Wright.

"I'd say realistic is the right expression," Wright said Friday in an interview with The StarPhonenix. "The fight of the year was Jones-Gustafsson last year. This rematch is a superfight. Where do you take superfights? You take them to the fight capital of the world. So what's my reaction? My reaction is, I completely understand and it's realistic."

UFC 178 was originally scheduled to take place at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, as the date had been tentatively booked by the promotion at the Athletics Commissioner of Ontario's office. While that may have been the initial plan, Wright admitted that the sport occasionally requires flexibility in such situations.

"We don't have a set schedule where you know the Toronto Blue Jays are going to play the Oakland Athletics on this date and they're going to have a three-game series followed by a 10-game road trip. Our schedule needs to be fluid because you just don't know who's going to be available, who's potentially going to be fighting."

While the switch is a disappointment to Canadian fans that were used to the annual event, Wright expects the schedule to return to normal in 2015.

"There's times when we've come twice and this will be a year we haven't come," said Wright. "Next year I fully expect Toronto to be on the calendar."

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