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Rashad Evans explains interest in WWE, says he wants a deal that won’t be ‘disrespectful to his legacy in the UFC’

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is interested in a potential move to WWE after his fighting career only if “got paid” a significant amount.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Rashad Evans is open to a potential move to World Wrestling Entertainment if the money is right.

The former UFC light-heavyweight champion won't look to make the transition to professional wrestling anytime soon, but alluded to the possibility that he may consider that option once his fighting career is complete.

"If I ever did anything like that, it would be after I finished fighting, and I'm not gonna (sic) be done fighting for at least four years," Evans told MMA Mania's Michael Stets.

The decision would not be a simple one for Evans, who is all too aware of the health risks associated with professional wrestling. A financially beneficial contract would certainly help sway him towards trying his hand at sports entertainment.

"I had a million people asking me if I was retiring for wrestling, but honestly speaking, if I didn't get seriously paid to do it I wouldn't do it," Evans said. "I think it would be disrespectful to my legacy in the UFC if I didn't do a deal that would make sense where I got paid! Besides, that s**t is harder on my body than fighting."

Evans is currently recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee, which he injured preparing for a fight against Daniel Cormier for UFC 170.  He expects to make his octagon return in the coming fall.

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