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Ross Pearson appealing split decision loss to Diego Sanchez

It's already become one of the most contentious score cards of the year, and now Ross Pearson is going through official channels to see if he can get it changed.

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via Esther Lin

Unfortunately for Ross Pearson, the road he's trying to go down has been well travelled, and the results haven't been good. Following what many consider to be a criminally inept piece of judging in his split decision loss to Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Khabilov, Pearson is looking to the New Mexico State Athletic Commission for an appeal of the official result. It's something that many fighters have tried before. Sarah Kaufman appealed her loss to Jessica Eye after a contentious split decision. Although the loss was later changed to a no contest, her actions played no part in it. Similarly, Scott Jorgensen attempted to appeal his loss to Jussier da Silva after an illegal headbutt set up his eventual submission. The Telegraph has the report on Pearson's appeal.

Telegraph Sport can reveal that Pearson and coach Eric Del Fierro had lodged a complaint with the New Mexico Commission straight after the fight and lodged an appeal. The UFC would need to leave it in the hands of the NM Athletic Commission which has jurisdiction on these matters.

As was made mention in the Telegraph article, it's almost entirely unlikely and would be pretty unprecidented for the commission to overturn this decision. Unless some evidence of collusion on the part of the promoter or the judges was found, these are the kinds of incidents that commissions are more than willing to pass off. But, while Pearson may not ever see his L turned into a W, he is getting some public support. One bookie even went so far as to refund any bets made on Pearson after the loss, a rare move that was pulled by Paddy Power back in 2012 following Pacquiao's loss to Bradley and Sonny Bill Williams' boxing win in 2013. It will be interesting to see if the UFC is in lock step with public opinion here and books him as a winner going forward.