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Cotto vs Martinez fight video online: Watch Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez fight video highlights here

Watch Cotto vs Martinez fight video highlights right here, as Bloody Elbow presents fight video from Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez on HBO Boxing PPV.

Last night's HBO Boxing PPV showdown between Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez ended up being a very intriguing fight, despite being horrendously lopsided. Miguel Cotto took the win via TKO in the 10th round when Martinez's corner had seen enough and waved the fight off. With that win, Cotto claims the Middleweight crown, and is now a 4 division champion - the first Puerto Rican fighter to accomplish this feat.

Check out full fight video highlights from Cotto vs. Martinez right here at Bloody Elbow, courtesy of ESPN.

The first round of the fight set the stage clearly, as Cotto came out hard and aggressive, knocking Martinez down a staggering 3 times in the opening 3 minutes. Martinez managed to stay in the fight long enough to have a brief moment or two of success, but they were few and far between and completely overshadowed by Cotto's excellent work. Martinez went down again in the 9th, and between rounds, his trainer Pablo Sarmiento made it clear that he had seen enough and would not allow Martinez to continue. This ends a 7 fight win streak for Martinez.

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