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Greg Jackson willing to give Bryan Caraway the ‘benefit of the doubt’ on fish hooking incident

Greg Jackson spoke to the media following UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Khabilov, and discussed the performances of his fighters on the card, including Rustam Khabilov, Diego Sanchez and Erik Perez.

Greg Jackson is not about to blame Bryan Caraway for the apparent fish hooking incident on Saturday night. In fact, he has chosen to give "Kid Lightning" the benefit of the doubt for the illegal move.

Following the evening of fights, Jackson was approached by media members who were interested in his opinion on Caraway's blatant fish hooking attempt against Erik Perez in their preliminary match-up.  Jackson appeared unaware that Caraway had used an illegal move during the bout, but was willing to give Caraway the benefit of the doubt.

"Oh, that's not good. Fishhook? Well, you have to give Bryan the benefit of the doubt," Jackson told's E. Casey Leydon. "I hope he didn't do that on purpose, but things happen I guess. The bottom line in ‘Goyito' made a mistake, and he learned from that mistake I hope. We won't be shooting from across the cage again."

Instead, Jackson chose to focus on Perez's mistakes during the fight, and said that Caraway earned the victory because he successfully capitalized on a mistake from Perez.

"He was clearly doing very well on his feet, but for some reason he transitioned into a takedown. I think that shooting in from far away and stuff like that is just ‘Goyito' getting his feet wet, so it was a learning experience for him. I thought we were winning the fight until then and Caraway did a great job of capitalizing on a mistake."