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Ross Pearson looking forward to testing himself against ‘warrior’ Diego Sanchez

UFC lightweight Ross Pearson discusses his co-main event match-up against “one of the toughest guys in the lightweight division” Diego Sanchez.

Ross Pearson is looking forward to the challenge of fighting Diego Sanchez, whom he considers to be "one of the toughest guys in the division."

Although Pearson was highly complimentary of his co-main event counterpart, he appeared confident and prepared for the task at hand against the Albuquerque native.

"Ya I am a fan of his warrior spirit," Pearson told media members at a pre-fight scrum. "When Diego Sanchez fights I'll watch. I'm here to watch him. He's entertaining and he comes to scrap, that's what I like about him.  I want to test myself against how I'll handle the pressure from Diego Sanchez."

Considering Sanchez's last stoppage was in 2008, Pearson believes that if he is not able to finish Sanchez, then the fight will likely go the full fifteen minutes, as Diego does not have the submissions or knockout power to finish the fight himself.

"I don't think he's got the power to knock me out. I' don't think he's got the submissions to finish this. I want to see how I handle the toughest guy in the UFC (lightweight) division. I still think he is one of the toughest guys in the division and I want to see how I handle his pressure and the outcome of the fight."

When it comes to fighting the TUF 1 winner on his home soil, Pearson does not expect anything to differ from the standard Diego Sanchez fighting style.

"I'm not concerned about it at all. Fighting Diego Sanchez here, fighting Diego Sanchez in England, and fighting Diego Sanchez in Vegas - it is fighting Diego Sanchez. He doesn't turn up any different. He doesn't change. He turn up to fight, so it is going to be the same fight no matter where it is."