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Bellator 121 results and gifs: James Thompson and Sokoudjou dominate in Bellator debuts

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James Thompson won one of the most absurd (but well promoted) fights in Bellator history, pounding out Eric Prindle in the first round. Sokoudjou also won his Bellator debut.

There are times where playing up the absurdity of a fight is the best thing you can do. That was the case tonight with Bellator 121 and the promotion's decision to play up the ridiculous fight between James Thompson and Eric Prindle as some sort of ultimate representation of two fisted action between two big ol' dudes.

That the fight anchored the card was crazy, but it kind of worked in that it was a fight that at least had people talking.

Thompson was able to dominate Prindle (a former tournament winner who never won a tournament) to take his sixth fight in a row. It wasn't particularly competitive as the fight hit the floor, Thompson was on top and Prindle looked like a fish out of water as Prindle rained down blows to get the stoppage.

Here's the gif of the action courtesy of Zombie Prophet (@Zprophet_MMA):


Sokoudjou made his debut in Bellator tonight as well, taking on Terry Davinney. Davinney was overmatched against a man many consider shot. Sokoudjou dominated on the ground and used submission threats and striking to move to the back and sink in a rear naked choke for the victory.

The gif, again, courtesy of Zombie Prophet:


The main event was technically a bout between Austin Heidlage and Philipe Lins, though most fans were interested far more in the spectacle fights we already covered. Lins was able to dominate the grappling (a theme for the evening), eventually taking the back and locking in a standing rear naked choke that caused Heidlage to fall backward, almost going out cold, and forcing the submission.

Carlos Eduardo and Egidijus Valavicius met in the televised card opener with Valavicius winning the decision.