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Rustam Khabilov downplays gym incident with Ali Bagautinov, says they ‘didn’t have anything crazy’

UFC lightweight Rustam Khabilov discusses his reported scrimmage with fellow Daghestanian Ali Bagautinov.

After reports surfaced that Rustam Khabilov and Ali Bagautinov had taken part in a skirmish at Jackson's MMA, Khabilov has chosen to downplay the entire incident.

Khabilov, who meets Benson Henderson in the main event of UFC Fight Nihgt card in Albuquerque on Saturday night, had reportedly given Bagautinov "a beating" during one of their training sessions, but not one that required the Dagestan flyweight to withdraw from his title fight at UFC 174.

The lightweight was asked to comment about the incident at a pre-fight media scrum, and he responded by downplaying the issues between the two fighters. While he hinted that "something" did take place, it was nothing different to the incidents that take place in other MMA gyms.

"No we don't have any incidents," Khabilov said at the pre-fight media scrum. "We talked a little bit; we had something. It's ok, we (are) mates, we train (together). I see this a lot in gyms. I don't know why people talk about this too much. We didn't have anything crazy. We talked. We are mates.  Its ok."

Khabilov went on the explain that there is no longer an issue between the two Dagestan natives, and that people should not read too much into such gym incidents, as they are commonplace in MMA.

"It's done. No problem. He is little and I am a little bigger. We are from the same country and train here together. This happens sometimes. I've seen this before too with other fighters."

"I don't worry about this. I focus on (my) fight."