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Puttin' in Work, Episode 2: Rustam Khabilov's amazing suplex

This Saturday (June 7, 2014) UFC lightweight rising star Rustam Khabilov takes on Ben Henderson in the main event of Fight Night: Albuquerque. In this episode of Puttin' in Work, Coach Mike Riordan explains how Khabilov hits his signature suplex, and how you can do the same.

Welcome back to this edition of Puttin' in Work

In honor of Rustam Khabilov's first headline fight this coming weekend at Fight Night: Albuquerque, I have dedicated this episode to explaining the ins and outs of the suplex.

Khabilov has used a variety of suplexes throughout his MMA and sambo careers, and most notably used a belly-to-back suplex to end his fight against Vinc Pichel in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 16. We will analyze that particular suplex, but not before we take a look at some famous suplexes throughout history.

Also, in order to provide world-class wrestling instruction, we have renewed our collaboration with the coaches at Edge Hoboken, one of the most renowned private wrestling schools in the United States (they also provide high-level instruction in striking and various other grappling arts). Their coaches, Jeff Marsh and Dave Esposito, along with special guest instructor Zack Lemano, will show you how to develop the skills necessary to suplex like Khabilov.

And on that note, it looks like it's time to stop talking, and start puttin' in work.