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WMMA: Deep Jewels 4 Gifs, Sexton vs. Jedrzejczyk and Invicta on Fight Pass!

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Stop what your doing cause all-female promotion Invicta FC will be on Fight Pass.

Invicta FC is on Fight Pass!
Invicta FC is on Fight Pass!
Esther Lin


I had a whole section written about "Invicta isn't dying", but this is cause for celebration. Invicta FC will be on Fight Pass. Yes, UFC Fight Pass will carry Invicta FC content, events and whatnot. Invicta is alive. Next event is targeted for late summer. Read here for more.

Other points via Dave Meltzer and UFC

  • "We've never done this with a company before unless we've bought them," said UFC Chief  Content Officer Marshall Zelaznik. "We're not buying. We're truly a distributor. It's pretty historical in the way UFC has operated...It's a mutli-year deal, multi-fights. Our commitment to Shannon is every event they produce will air on Fight Pass around the world...we're super thrilled about it, everyone from Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) on down. Everyone is excited to bring Invicta to Fight Pass and bring that value to our fans.."
  • Zelaznik: "...For any UFC fans that haven’t seen these women compete before – I guarantee they will be blown away when they see what Invicta is all about."
  • "Two to three weeks is the hope" in regards to creating a place on Fight Pass for Invicta content
  • Shannon Knapp: "We're capable of doing more events and we're looking to ramp things up. We can put on cards as often as they want."
  • "As part of the deal, UFC will help promote the events, and will also aid in distribution of the content on traditional television. UFC is looking at using its contacts to help broker international deals for Invicta..."
  • Invicta keeps control of production
  • "The Invicta FC library joins the libraries of PRIDE FC, Strikeforce, WEC, WFA, EliteXC, Affliction Entertainment and the UFC on"
  • "It's highly possible that [Cris Cybrog vs. Ediane Gomes] will be a match that can air on the next show," said Knapp. "But both athletes have shown interest in dropping down to 135. I think it's possible you can see Cris fight at 135 in the next few months."
In terms of a purely fighting standpoint, the biggest takeaway from this might be that Cris Cyborg's path to the UFC just got a little easier.

Check out Bloody Elbow's interview with Shannon Knapp.


Cage Warriors 69: Rosi Sexton returns to flyweight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk, this Saturday, June 7th.

Viewing: at 1pm eastern time

This is a massive fight in the flyweight division. Before Sexton moved up to bantamweight for the UFC, she was considered, at the least, a top 3 flyweight in the world. And although, I have never been overly impressed with Sexton's abilities, this is a chance for her to prove she is still a top-tier flyweight.

For Jedrzejczyk, she is making a quick turn around from a, frankly, less-than-stellar performance against Karla Benitez less than a month ago.

There are some question marks on Sexton after a decent showing against #1 contender, Alexis Davis, and a beatdown at the hands of Jessica Andrade. However, I feel in her two year absence from the 125 division she is still a top fighter, and a Jedrzejcyk win holds significant sway in her ranking.

Also, on the 11:30 am EST prelims (via Cage Warriors Facebook) is Muay Thai Champion, Amanda Kelly, looking to rebound from a controversial decision loss, fighting against Kerry Hughes, who loss a fair decision to rising Polish fighter, Agnieszka Niedzwiedz.

Speaking of Niedzwiedz, the 19-year-old fights on Sunday against 1-0-1 Lithuanian (same Nationality as Rose Namajunas) Julia Stoliarenko. Niedzwiedz looks to extend her perfect record to 7 fights. No word on any stream.

Rin Nakai vs. Sarah D'Alelio highlights... deep kimuras (skip to about 6:25)

Deep Jewels 4 Results and Gifs:

First off, and I know showing gifs (and I really wish I had the time to write up a preview for this event) is somewhat counter productive (or maybe the Zuffa entity has me brainwashed?), but if you really want to support the all-female promotion, you still can with a purchase of the card .

It costs about 10 American dollars, and you can stream it or download it with any free video download site/program to keep for the future. Deep Jewels 4 stream available here. Fighters like Takayo Hashi, Seo Hee Ham and Mei Yamaguchi are on the card.

Also, for purchase is Deep Jewels 1, which features a grappling bout between Mizuki Inoue and Rikako Yuasa (purple belt at the time), who just won at the IBJJF Championship, Emi Fujino and Mika Nagano.

OK, that's enough "make-up" for not doing a preview like I wanted... Really conflicted with embedding the fights people put up on youtube from this card and gifs. Hopefully, this will, at the least, give Deep Jewels more exposure if they do make future cards. If you like it, support it, and buy it!

As usual, if you want detailed play-by-play, I direct you to

Takayo Hashi vs. Shizuka Sugiyama for the Deep Jewels Bantamweight title (3 rounder)

Hashi had just come off a 2 round draw against 0-0-1 South Korean Ji-Yeon Kim (who now has draws against Hashi and Shizuka Sugiyama to start her career). She had to battle and work, once again for the victory, but showed why she used to be one of the best fighters in the world. In a unique sequence, Hashi took reverse mount or "mounted north/south", switching to a regular mount, landed shots, and never looked back, upping the quantity and power of her shots, urging the ref to step in.

If I'm giving "of the night" bonuses. Hashi gets a POTN.

Seo Hee Ham vs. Yuki Kira in a kickboxing bout

Early in the first round it looked like we would have a real fight on our hands. Kira was landing some good shots, forcing the favorite, Ham, to clinch again and again. However, perhaps Kira was getting a little too comfortable with her success, and decided to throw a right head kick that missed into a left spinning back fist. This made her wide open for two big "Hamderlei" (I really hate that nickname, but I'm still gonna use it) left hand counters. From there it was all Seo Hee Ham.

I laughed pretty hard at the troll face Ham made after kneeing Kira in the cup (a few more of those and WMMA but have it's own Fabricio Werdum. I'm begging for some HD footage, to be honest)

"Shooting Star" Saori Ishioka is back from doing Japanese wife/mom things

This is probably the highlight of the night for me (Hashi coming on strong for the finish is the other contender). Ishioka is one of my favorite fighters and she looked great, despite over two years since her last fight (wifey/pregnancy fun). Putting Satomi Takano, who was definitely no gimme fight coming off the best performance of her career, in a "cop restraining"/hammerlocked position. Reigning down punches to Takano's left and right. Note: Technical submission #1

Ishioka: POTN & FOTN (with Satomi Takano)

Mei Yamaguchi literally jumps the back... Technical submission #2

Ayaka Miura with an arm-triangle von-flue hybrid-ish thing... Technical submission #3

- I counted 14 seconds that she was out. Girl was literally blue! Jesus... and it's crazy considering the refs are so adamant to step in for armbars before they see a tap.

Shiori Hori with technical submission #4

and... Outfit of the Night goes to Naomi Taniyama

Overall, it was a really fun card. But, the records are just awful. It looks so bad when you see two 0-2 fighters or something like that fighting. Starting with the Ayaka Miura arm-triangle/von flue the card got rolling. It has to be some kind of record the amount of technical subs (four, and five if you count one grappling-only match). I've grown accustomed to Japanese cards, though, where more is always better.

It was absolutely worth 10 dollars, and if you haven't already bought the iPPV, and liked what you saw in here, give it some support! And I wouldn't be opposed to giving Miura and Yamaguchi bonues as well, or at the very least "the locker room bonus".

Full MMA Results:

Takayo Hashi def. Shizuka Sugiyama via TKO (punches) R3 4:20

Saori Ishioka def. Satomi Takano via Technical Submission (armbar) R1 4:44

Mei Yamaguchi def. Yukiko Seki via Technical Submission (rear naked choke) R1 3:17

Tomo Maesawa def. Brittany Anne Decker via Decision (unanimous) R2 5:00

Ayaka Miura def. Ella Wu via Technical Submission (arm-triangle choke) R1 1:25

Naomi Taniyama def. Yuko Kawabata via Decision (unanimous) R2 5:00

Shiori Horidef. Maya Dobashi via Technical Submission (armbar) R1 4:43

115lbs: Top strawweight, and Invicta veteran, Katja Kankaanpaa picks up a submission win

Pretty straightforward fight for Kankaanpaa. Just like many of the top fighters, she just wants to stay busy. Striking a little before taking the fight to the ground, and working for the pass and submission. Eventually snatching up an armbar in round 2.

115lbs: Karolina Kowalkiewicz dominates Jasminka Cive


Karolina dominated Cive from the get go, not allowing her to generate any offense. This fight was similar to Cive's against Bec Hyatt (now Rawlings). Karolina will be staying at 115lbs and is one of three Polish fighters I mentioned in this article. The others being flyweight, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and bantamweight, Agnieszka Niedzwiedz.

I have two Carina Damm fights. This is the most she's had to work for a win in literally years.

Damm vs. Giseli Casca Grossa

Damm vs. Daiane Firmino (fight starts around 10:35)

Bianca Daimoni with a knockout (about 6:10 in)

And again, if you want to support the Deep Jewels promotion, you can via their uStream page