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UFC 173 super slo motion video highlights featuring Dillashaw vs. Barao, Cormier vs. Henderson, & Lawler vs. Ellenberger, and more

The UFC has released its "phantom cam" super slow-motion video highlight reel of UFC 173 featuring the Bantamweight title fight between T.J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao as well as Welterweights Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Ellenberger.

It hasn't been that long but in UFC weeks it's been long enough that a super slo-mo highlight reel should jog some memories of UFC 173. Watch the key moments T.J. Dillashaw claiming the Bantamweight title from Renan Barao with a dominant beating from pillar to post, topped off by an emphatic fifth round round finish.

See Daniel Cormier toss the legendary Dan Henderson around like a rag doll in the co-main event. Poor ol' Hendo had nothing for the new lion though both men brought legit top level Olympic team wrestling credentials. It appears Father Time has caught up with Hendo and took away his TRT to boot.

Also see Welterweight contender Robbie Lawler defang Jake Ellenberger in a one-sided bout that nonetheless offered Ellenberger a few moments to shine and show off his will to fight even in the face of a clearly superior opponent.

But wait, there's more! Lots of highlights of the opening bouts too. Enjoy.