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BE Advanced Class: Opening up the Mounted Triangle Armbar

Today in the Advanced Class, a finishing sequence from mount taught by Relson Gracie black belt Robin Gieseler.

Today the Advanced Class is putting on the gi, but this is a finishing sequence from mount that works with or without the jacket. For those who have been in one, they know that the mounted triangle is absolutely brutal for the grappler on bottom and almost an assured submission position for the grappler on top, but the trick is getting to it. Often just stepping over an arm leaves too much space for a savvy opponent and leads to a loss of position.

So today in Advanced Class we have Relson Gracie black belt Robin Gieseler, who is one of the head instructors at the Relson Gracie Academy in Columbus, Ohio and posts on the Relson Gracie Jiu Jisu YouTube channel. One of the oldest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in the Midwest, this Academy is home to a large student body of both grapplers and MMA fighters. I have visited this school a few times and can personally attest to Robin's excellent teaching, I still owe the foundations to my butterfly guard to him, and the prowess of the grapplers hailing from this school.

So enjoy the video and if you are ever in Central Ohio, hit up the Relson Gracie Academy there in Columbus!

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