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Welcome to the MMA Nation video series! (video introduction)

A casual introduction to the cornucopia of weekly and bi-weekly video shows produced by Bloody Elbow and company.

Bloody Elbow has gone increasingly digital as of late. We've expanded on the miscellaneous MMA discussions under the Tete-A-Tete banner to break new ground by featuring the mad ravings of Eugene S. Robinson on Knuckle Up, the erratic mixture of shenanigans and legitimate match-up analysis of the Vivisections, which consist of any combination of Kid Nate, Dallas Winston, Connor Ruebusch and Zane Simon, and myriad off-shoots like Connor's Frame by Frame and The 6th Round post-event show.

To supplement the good natured but oft-rampant idiocy of our staff discussion shows, the MMA Nation video series also offers unique interviews -- such as exclusive insight from martial arts legend Chuck Norris on the great Bruce Lee and his experiences training with the Gracies -- along with behind-the-scenes training footage, special guest appearances and all the random goodies that fight fans crave.

Follow the entire series on the MMA Nation Youtube channel, where you can also watch this clip should you experience any difficulties with the embedded player.