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The greatest wrestler ever, Buvaisar Saitiev, flattens a toddler

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Buvaisar Saitiev is freestyle wrestling's GOAT. During his career he claimed gold medals at three Olympics and six World Championships for a staggering nine world-level championships. Recently Russia's mat magician showed off his wizardry by demolishing a pint-sized challenger.

These days Buvaisar Saitiev seems to wear a suit more than a singlet, his hair has gone grey, and his final wrestling match, where he won his third Olympic gold medal, sits six years in his past. Nevertheless, the six-time freestyle wrestling world champion remains a tough challenge for any up-and-comer looking to face off in the practice room.

Recently, a particularly young aspiring Olympian stepped up to try his hand against the Russian great. It did not go particularly well for the youngster; Saitiev dispatched him swiftly and definitively. See below.


Saitiev almost makes it look effortless against a very tough baby. Of course, this isn't the first time we have seen the wrestler known as "The Worm" do something amazing simply by extending his right foot.


At the very least, this kid can grow up and tell people that he may have gotten his butt kicked, but he got his butt kicked by the best who ever lived.