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TNA President Dixie Carter has no answers about future between TNA & Bellator MMA

TNA Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter has all the answers when it comes to TNA, but none when it comes to working with Bellator MMA.

The Fight Nerd was at the TNA Impact Wrestling press conference at the Manhattan Center on June 25, 2014, covering the official announcement of a partnership between TNA and Keiji Mutoh's "Wrestle-1" promotion. I lucked out and got 60 seconds with Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter. Literally.

It was a minute including my time to set up the camera, since she was not doing interviews, and within 30 seconds I had a PR person telling me to wrap it up. However, I was the only person who got any one-on-one time with Dixie, so consider this a world exclusive!

Due to the short time I had with her, I mostly got non-answers regarding any response to Scott Coker taking over Bellator MMA from Bjorn Rebney, and the partnership between her company and his, as well as if Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and King Mo will be hitting the six-sided ring anytime soon. I did my best with the few seconds that I was given, folks.

However, it seems to me that this lack of an answer is also an answer. Back when the relationship between Bellator MMA and TNA Wrestling was first announced on Spike TV's "MMA Uncensored Live" in 2012, fans were curious to see what would come out of it, as their is some friction between the fanbases of both sports. The result thus far has been Quinton Jackson joining a stable and beating up Tito Ortiz, but not contributing anything beyond that, and King Mo training at OVW for his "King Mo: Unrivaled" documentary special on Spike, but neither has made a considerable impact in TNA (no pun intended).

I didn't necessarily expect her to have much to say about Scott Coker, but moreso I was hoping to hear a few words about the planned direction of the partnership with Bellator MMA to see if that even still existed. However, as fate would have it, just last night at the first of their NYC television tapings, King Mo did in fact come out to cut a promo, so it seems that in the end, Dixie was being sneaky about her response, so now that the ball is rolling, let's see what they can do to keep the momentum going.

I would not mind seeing more of a crossover between TNA and Bellator MMA - they do it in Japan all the time, why can't American fans accept it for its entertainment value and not see it as a way that devalues MMA as a sport? In the meantime, we are being robbed of some big potential matches with other Bellator fighters, such as Magnus VS James Thompson, Bully Ray VS Pat Curran (because why not), and Samoa Joe VS Joe Warren to see who really is the baddest man on the planet.

If you are unable to see the video on this page, head to Youtube to see it there!

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