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Eric Prindle among 19 fighters released from Bellator

The end of the line has come for Eric Prindle and several other fighters, who are no longer on Bellator's roster.


Bellator's house cleaning has extended beyond just ousting Bjorn Rebney and Tim Danaher. Earlier this week, the promotion confirmed the release of 19 fighters from its roster, most notably former heavyweight tournament winner Eric Prindle. The 38-year-old went on a run of just 1 win in his last 7 fights, and was stopped by James Thompson earlier this month. Prindle is best known, and this is not a joke, for his two fights with Thiago Santos. In their first encounter, Santos kicked Prindle in the groin, which resulted in an NC. Their rematch at Bellator 75 saw Prindle emphatically stake his claim of delivering the most violent testicular trampling in the history of the human race, as he flawlessly executed an axe kick to Santos' sack for the DQ loss.

Joining Prindle on the chopping block are the following fighters (via The MMA Report):

Anthony Leone, Travis Marx, Nick Kirk, Rodrigo Lima, Jared Downing, Jeremy Kimball, Keith Berry, Carlos Eduardo, Eric Smith, Anthony Lemon, Trey Houston, Vaughan Anderson, Jason Fischer, Nathan Coy, Hiroshi Nakamura, Tim Welch, Sergej Grecicho, Frank Baca.

Leone just fought Eduardo Dantas in March for the bantamweight title, ultimately getting choked out by the champ in the 2nd round. He's one of 7 bantamweights cut from the roster, including Travis Marx and Nick Kirk, both of whom were defeated by interim champion Joe Warren in their most recent tournament. This is the most interesting development out of these announced cuts, and it could suggest something bigger as far as their plans for the division.

It should be noted that all of these changes were made before Rebney was let go and Scott Coker replaced him as the promotion's CEO.