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OSMMA Review: UFC 11, Part 1 - The Return of The Hammer & Tank

Mark Coleman is back in the tournament after destroying everyone at UFC 10, and Tank Abbott returns to the show after beating up Art Davie in Puerto Rico - Welcome to UFC 11!

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Once more, Old School MMA Review has returned for more no-holds-barred shenanigans!

In this two-episode, we examine UFC 11 from September 20, 1996 at the RIchmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia. With one event away from the second "Ultimate Ultimate" tournament, we get a tournament lacking in overall star power, but bringing back returning UFC 10 champion, Mark Coleman, as well as Tank Abbott, back from suspension after an incident at UFC 8 involving Art Davie.

We also get a few other familiar faces back in the octagon, like Brian Johnston, the Lion's Den protege Jerry Bohlander, Sam Adkins, and Scott Ferrozzo, and the glorious return of announcer Rich Goins! It's quick finishes, dull brawls, and never-ending Jeff Blatnick interviews & filler segments, as we examine one of the most bizarre events in UFC history with a surprise ending that no one expected!

Part 1 of this episode includes the quarter finals, and the second episode includes everything else, so make sure to check out both for the complete OSMMA experience! And don't forget to vote in our Compuserve Chat inspired question of the week - How would Mike Tyson do in the UFC (back in 1996)?

Part two is viewable at this link here!

If you want to buy a copy of UFC 11, head to this link here for the Zuffa version , and this link here for the longer Silvervision version !

If you are having trouble with the Ooyala player, head to Youtube to see the video!


How would Mike Tyson do in the UFC during 1996?

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  • 21%
    He would win it all like a boss
    (15 votes)
  • 63%
    He would win unless/ until he fought a grappler
    (45 votes)
  • 11%
    He had no chance of winning at all
    (8 votes)
  • 0%
    Who's Mike Tyson? Oh, the guy that Buster Douglas beat up? I choose Buster Douglas instead
    (0 votes)
  • 4%
    Will Smith from "Independence Day" FTW
    (3 votes)
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