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Alleged suicide bombing planned for M-1 Challenge 49 foiled

Security forces in the Russian federal republic of Ingushetia foiled a suicide bombing attempt allegedly planned for June 7th's M-1 Challenge 49 event.

An M-1 Challenge event scheduled to be held this coming weekend in Dzheirakh, Ingushetia narrowly escaped disaster when an alleged suicide bomber was arrested by security forces last weekend.

Ingushetia, a Russian federal republic located in the North Caucasus near Dagestan and Chechnya, has become embroiled in the same kind of low-intensity Islamist and criminal insurgency that also affects its neighbors. Clashes between locals, Russian federal security forces, and various local factions in the north Caucasus began nearly twenty years ago, with a longer history of sometimes-genocidal conflict stretching into the eighteenth century.

The news was first reported by the Russian publication Rossiyskaya Gazeta on May 28th and was then picked up by, from which a translation was posted to the Underground and a report filed by our sister site MMAMania.

The main report, from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, puts a criminal spin on the planned attack. It claims that "savage bandits" were responsible for the attack and that the alleged bomber was mentally ill, which it classifies as a common tactic of dissident and criminal groups in the region. Whether this is accurate or an expression of the Russian news agencies' selective reporting of potentially unfavorable events is open to question.

Per the report, the group allegedly responsible for the planned attack also intended to carry out another suicide bombing on June 4th in Nazran, Ingushetia.

M-1 Challenge 49 will be headlined by a bout between Kenny Garner and Shamil Abdurahimov.