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Matt Serra reveals TRT usage, says ‘as long as I'm not fighting, who cares?’

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Matt Serra discusses TRT usage on Ariel Hewani’s The MMA Hour.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be banned from professional Mixed Matial Arts, but that certainly is not stopping the retired Matt Serra from trying his hand at the regimen.

The former welterweight champion, who joined Ariel Helwani in studio for an extended chat, revealed early in the broadcast that he started using TRT shortly after he stopped active competition.

"After I got done fighting, I was always on the mat six days a week," Serra said. "So I got on the TRT. I had some back issues, I'm always on the mat and I figured I'd get my levels checked because I had some guys going who were around my age or a little bit older. So I went to the doctor and my things [levels]were at 300, and I was like ‘wow, so I'm a candidate?'"

"As long as I'm not fighting, who cares?"

Serra was later asked for his opinion regarding TRT usage between young athletes ranging from the mid 20s. He quickly responded that that was "stupid" and unnecessary behavior from the athletes in question.

"I think it is kinda stupid," Serra replied. " It is funny. I don't know why my levels were [that low]. Usually you get low stuff [testosterone] because you have done stuff.  I've never done anything. Never in my life."

Apart from his improved libido, Serra is satisfied with decision to take TRT because it has enhanced his daily life and because he is a retired fighter with no intention of using the performance enhancer in combat.

"TRT is fun. The thing is I'm retired now man. I get a shot in the a**. I go to a legit place once a week.  I got tested man and that s*** was low. I'm not doing it in a back alley. I'm at a legit doctor's office.

"Why are you gribbling me? Talk to the PRIDE guys, man."