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BE Advanced Class: Marcelo Garcia's One Leg X Guard

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Marcelo Garcia and the folks at MGInAction were nice enough to dip into their archives and send us a video from their extensive library for Advanced Class.

Today in Advanced Class we have a special treat. We are going to take a look at one of the more popular sweeping positions in sport jiu jitsu, the one legged X-guard. And who better to teach that than 5x time World Champion and 4x ADCC Champion Marcelo Garcia, the man who pioneered the X-Guard in the first place.

His website, MGInAction, is a standard setter in subscription BJJ technique sites and if you are a technique video seeker be sure to check out the site and try out the free trial.

Mr. Garcia and his team at MGInAction were nice enough to provide us with a video from their library covering the one leg X-guard exclusively for Advanced Class, so feel special readers!

A special thanks to Jordan Blevins and the MGInAction staff for the video.

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